Our Process . . .

1. Understand your unique situation

At Arrow Wealth Management we take a comprehensive approach to wealth planning.  We listen to our clients and strive to fully understand their individual situation, family relationships, investment strategies, and timelines.

2. Define your goal: Spending, Retirement Age, Estate/Legacy, etc.

The first step to comprehensive financial planning is defining the goals you're trying to manage toward. We want to clearly define where you stand today, where you want to be in the future, and what it will take to get there.

3. Categorize goals

You and your family have goals for the future, but we understand you also have needs and wants today.  We help you balance these two so that you can address your near term goals without sacrificing the objective of your long term goals.

4. Prioritize goals

We work with you to put first things first.  Knowing what is most important to you is how we can best guide your wealth management strategy.

5. Stress testing your plan

 Your plan is put through a stress test (Monte Carlo simulation) to determine your likelihood for success.  Based on the outcome of the stress test we can adjust your plan as necessary to increase  its probability of success.

. . . to help you stay on track

6. Provide recommendations

Once your plan is in place it helps to guide us in how your money should be invested. Recommendations are always made with a full explanation of any costs involved.  Any decisions that you need to make are made in a no pressure environment. 

7. Execute investments and planning

Arrow Wealth Management provides ongoing investment services for your portfolio while leveraging the strengths and capabilities of LPL Financial. 

8. Monitor your progress

Regular check-ins are essential to make sure your plan stays on track.  We prefer to meet with our clients twice per year, but we are always available to our clients on an as needed basis. 

9. Adjust plan based on life events & opportunities

Life invariable has its own twists and turns, and your plan is designed with the flexibility to change with you as you experience life changes.